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  • April 20 - Transcendence & Transformation - Live - Digital - Tickets go on sale on February 10, 2022
  • Digital access to past Musical Soulmates Concerts is on sale - Contact Kate

September 19, 2021: I am absolutely thrilled to be raising awareness and funds for Juneteenth, Santa Cruz, and for Music in May, and to be uniting them as well- in spirit, not officially- next Spring as I collaborate with my Juneteenth Collective to mentor and educate underserved youth in our Harmony Choir for a concert event that will be an outreach of Music in May.

I am also just beyond honored that both of the concerts are Black and BIPOC positive events: on November 21, half of performers represent BIPOC. In these times, it is a joy to note such organic relationships and to both intentionally create and to normalize such expansiveness. On April 10th, Diva Leberta Lorál richly delivers works of Black, Female, and Black Female composers.

Personally, I am delighted to be continuing on my lifelong musical journey with the works of the featured composers and with my Musical Soulmates, with personal excellence at the fore while proudly AND humbly serving Music in May and Juneteenth, Santa Cruz.

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March 2021: Thank you for your profoundly generous support of the Musical Soulmates concert series.

From the proceeds of our our concerts which ran last August (our tiny stream), through November 7 and December 12 -which was then postponed and combined with our February 27 concert- Musical Soulmates reached and exceeded , by 50%, our fundraising goal: I had the honor of writing and sending a check of $1,500 EACH to Music in May and to NAACP Santa Cruz, and also paid all the performers and contributors. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed, continue to enjoy, or will enjoy our two concerts.(The URLs you purchased are still watchable, and may be available for purchase at future Soulmates events).

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February 8, 2020: Evening of Poetry and Song benefiting Hospice Santa Cruz featuring Santa Cruz Poet Laureate Danusha Lameris and Divas Dianne Syrcle and Solmaaz Adeli collaborating with Kate - Doors Open 7 PM (West Side Location) (Raised $1,000 for Hospice Santa Cruz)

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November 23, 2019: Music in May Benefit Chamber Concert - Doors Open 7 PM (West Side Location) (Raised $1,000 for MiM!)

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May 4, 2019: Kate Collaborating in Concert for 'Music in May’ Evening for adults and teens: (raised $1,000 for MiM!) Featuring Peter Jandula-Hudson, viola, and Shannon Delaney D'Antonio, violin, collaborating with Kate Alm, piano, with selections from Schubert, Franck, Saint-Saens and others

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