Dear interested parent,

Every child can learn and we accomplish this by working together: parent, teacher and child in a loving, engaging and nurturing environment.

At any age, when our students walk by a piano, they feel comfortable sitting down and playing, whether by ear, by improvising or by reading….alone or with others.

Students become not only proficient, but play with a beautiful tone, with sensitivity to nuance, are open to guidance, and, above all, have a caring and generous heart.
Kate Alm
Kate Alm Suzuki Piano Studio Portrait; Photo by Kevin Monahan

2023 - 2024 Kate Alm Suzuki Piano Studio Calendar

Summer Session 2023: June 12 - August 16
School Year Session 2023 - 2024: September 1 - May 23
Recitals (student drop-off 10:30 AM)
  • Saturday, October 21 (Sanctuary), 11 AM Studio Recital
  • Saturday, February 10 (Sanctuary), 11 AM Duets Recital
  • Saturday, May 4 (Sanctuary), 11 AM Studio Recital

Musical Open House: Saturday, December 16, 10:30 AM - 12 PM (Music Room)

All Studio Classes (K-6):
  • Saturday Schedule:
    • Grades K-3: 9 - 10 AM.
    • Grades 4-6: 9:45 - 10:45 AM.
    • Social: 9:45 - 10 outside. Classes overlap by design.
  • Dates:
    • September 9
    • October 7
    • April 13
    • May 18
Rehearsals for Recitals:
  • October 18, 3 - 5 (for Fall Recital)
  • January 20 & 27, and February 3 (Duets Rehearsals for Book 3 / Grade 6 and up)
  • February 7, 3 - 5 (for Duets Recital)
  • May 1, 3 - 5 (for Spring Recital)
Studio closed:
  • November 20 - 24
  • December 20 - January 2
  • February 12 - 16
  • March 25 - 29
Complementary Make-up Saturdays 9 AM - 1 PM:
  • November 18
  • December 16 (before and after Open House)
  • January 20 & 27, and February 3
  • March 9

Please note: All scheduled Saturdays (except for the 3 recitals) are available 11 AM - 1 PM for Sick Make-ups and Courtesy Make-ups.

I offer many opportunities for us to connect as a community of adults and children learning and appreciating music! For more information about these programs, which include reading club and student-to-student mentoring, please refer to the materials below. To see examples of the beautiful music we can make together, check out our Studio Archives.

Comprehensive study – Tuition (typically grades K-6)

An entire musical environment and the Suzuki Triangle (Parent-Teacher-Student) nurture, inspire, and support the young musician. Solo lessons, Group classes, All Studio Classes, Recitals, Open House, Duets, Observation, being observed, extensive home listening. (See Parent Responsibilities). Comprehensive study is the best way to ensure success in later grades when students often switch to Solo Studies.

Solo Studies – Pay per season of lessons (typically grades 7-12 and Adults)

Pay for a season of lessons and opt-in to any studio activities as desired and as planned in concert with the parents; 24 hour cancelation is credited, (sports and other activities may become more demanding and students in 7-12 often need to reschedule). ‘Solo Studies’ supports the adolescent in taking ownership of their own learning process. ‘Solo Studies’ is optimal because it keeps them engaged with the least possible amount of requirements to be at the studio. It supports their individuation through music and allows for modest, clear goals as well as for exploration of other music and musical styles. Serves the students so that when they are motivated and inspired to take on a new musical challenge, they have the skills and resources at their fingertips, literally, to succeed.

Fall Immersion Dates: September 18 - 22 Initial Observations and Consultations; September 25 - December 8 Immersion.
Contact Ingrid and Kate.

Winter/Spring Immersion Dates: Initial Observations and Consultations through February 10; February 18 - May 4 Immersion.

It has taken me years to develop a method for introducing students to the Suzuki Method; it is very rewarding and well worth the investment of your time. This process educates both the parent and child thoroughly, so that when your child begins lessons, he experiences success, excellence, and joy from the very beginning.

A document with more information about what observation looks like is linked here and below.

It includes six 15 minute lessons for your child (and/or yourself) and 2 parent/teacher conferences.

After you and your child have completed the 10 Week Suzuki Immersion, you will be eligible to enroll for lessons. Enrollment is a 45 minute session in which we discuss your and your child's experience so far. Please note that the child does not attend. I answer any questions you have, and we go over the studio policy, parent responsibilities, and campus rules at the Peace United Church campus where I conduct lessons. I have included those documents below as well so you can take your time with them over the course of the immersion program. However, please do read them prior to our 45-minute meeting!

Campus Conduct
Campus Conduct
Campus Conduct
Campus Conduct
Campus Conduct
Reading Club
Student Mentoring