Kate is looking for information about how to become a non-profit. Do you know about that process? Could you offer help or expertise? If you do, please reach out to Kate: almusic@cruzio.com

Kate is working on certification to be a Suzuki Teacher Trainer! Check back here for more information about Kate's Teacher Trainer Project program coming soon.

May 4, 2019 Will be a fabulous professional chamber music concert (featuring Kate, Peter Jandula-Hudson, Shannon Delaney D'Antonio, Ann Saphir, and friends (see the poster on the homepage!). Two of the major pieces that will be played are the Franck Viola Sonata and the Saint Saƫns Piano Quartet. Give the pieces a listen ahead of the concert!

September 3, 2018 Please see the required reading section below to get more information about my reading classes, as well as student-to-student mentoring.

Reading Club
Student Mentoring