Just listen to what we can do together!

Videos from past recitals:

Black Lives Matter.

My unending thanks to Juneteenth Santa Cruz (Surething Productions) for trusting me in my vision to skillfully support BIPOC singers in celebrating Juneteenth, and to my community for stepping up. This project was so much more than any one of us, not to mention the awesome, phenomenal writers we represented: Prince, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone.
So much more to come from this collective. Thank you Kayla, August, Jen, Lyrical I, Lisa, and Dave. Watch the video below for some of my favorite moments, or click here to watch the full set of 6 songs. To learn about the opportunity to sign your age 6 - 16 youth up to work with these fabulous musicians in the newly founded Harmony Youth Choir, click here.

I express here my eternal gratitude and debt to the Santa Cruz, African-American, church-going Santa Cruz community that has been an integral part of my life for 25 years or more. Thank you for your acceptance and your embrace. Together we have shared so many beautiful moments! Witness this:

When I sought out Suzuki training 15 years ago, after already having taught piano for 10 years at that time, I noticed how much of the Suzuki training paralleled my immersion in Gospel music: the learning by ear, on learning cumulatively, the focus on singing, on tone, on creating together: in mixed generations, in community, in an atmosphere of love, support and joy,and in an atmosphere in which music is taught through music. My parents shared their love of music with me and modeled it in my childhood home, And YOU, by allowing me to learn from and for you, have been the bridge for me; you have allowed me to be my true musical self and to authentically pass on the gifts that have been given to me. There would not be a Kate Alm Suzuki Piano Studio without you.

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